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£10 for the first year

(£5 joining fee and £5 membership)



Paypal Link


or use form below and return to Foggy's


£5 every April


As a MEMBER, you:


can take advantage of free swimming and Jacuzzi with Thamesdown Hydrotherapy Pool.  As of 31st July 2017, we now have 2 sessions available.  You are welcome to attend both, space allowing: Every Monday 2-3pm (Bank Holidays allowing) and Friday 12.30-1.30pm.  Access and more information is via our member's area.

have access to our member’s area, which provides free login information for Benefits and Work website

receive a Lanyard and, name badge


Foggys INFORMATION  PACK consists of:


Foggys Membership Application and Questionnaire

Foggys Leaflet

Foggys Window Sticker / Bookmark

Foggys Cartridge Recycling Envelope



Paid membership of Foggy’s “Invisible Illness” Support Group (compassionately referred to as Foggy’s) is open to all.

PLEASE NOTE: All membership applications are subject to an initial authentication and then to the authorisation & permission of Foggys Committee, who have the final say.  This policy has been established to ensure the well-being & security of all Foggys members.