Our sessions are every Monday 2 - 3pm (Bank Holidays allowing) and Friday 12.30 - 1.30pm



When you join as a member, we send you login details for our members area, where you can find access to the Hydrotherapy booking system.


  • Our sessions are free for paid members and for someone to go with you; e.g. a loved one, friend and/or carer.

  • There is no catch.  The sessions are free as they are paid for by the Grants that we have been awarded.

  • YOU MUST BOOK IN.  If you can't, contact Deb via email deb@foggys.net or on Facebook for her to book in for you.

  • If bringing young people, please ensure they are respectful of Foggy members.  No jumping in or splashing.

  • “Noodles” which are swimming aids, are available to borrow, at no extra charge. They’re long polystyrene tubes which you can bend, or just lean on.

  • The pool isn’t deep. 0.8m to 1.5m in depth.

  • More information about the pool, and locality are available on www.thamesdownhydrotherapypool.com

  • Non-attendance on the day won’t be tolerated. If you can’t attend, then please cancel your booking or let someone know via email or Facebook.

  • We must make sure every session is full.  Make use of this amazing opportunity please.

  • There's plenty of parking.

Enjoy your swim !